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Senior ESR at Madrid UAM and/or IFT (Spain)

Job filled

Host institution: UAM

Number of months: 24

Period time: 10 / 01 / 2013 to 09 / 30 / 2015

The candidate will work on one of the following subjects: neutrino physics (theory or experiment) and/or dark matter/energy physics. Members of Invisibles include neutrino phenomenologists such as A. Donini, E. Fernandez-Martinez, B. Gavela, M.J. Herrero, M. Maltoni, A. de Rújula, nuclear physicists (A. Poves), neutrino expermientalist (L. Labarga, SuperKamiokande), dark matter experts (A. Knebe) and gravitation/cosmology experts (E. Alvarez). The work will be carried out at Madrid's UAM Department of Theoretical Physics ( and/or Institute of Theoretical Physics IFT-UAM/CSIC (

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