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Baryogenesis through Neutrino Oscillations: A Unified Perspective

Date: December 16th @ 15PM (CET)
Title: Baryogenesis through Neutrino Oscillations: A Unified Perspective
Presenter: Brian Shuve (Perimeter Institute)
Abstract: The neutrino minimal Standard Model (nuMSM) is remarkable in its simplicity: with the addition of three sub-weak-scale sterile neutrinos to the Standard Model, the nuMSM can simultaneously resolve the questions of baryogenesis, dark matter, and neutrino masses. Focusing on baryogenesis, I give an overview of the dynamics of leptogenesis from sterile neutrino oscillations, showing that the sterile neutrinos in the minimal model are too sterile: their feeble interactions with Standard Model fields predict a baryon asymmetry that is too small unless model parameters are substantially tuned. I demonstrate that new leptonic interactions greatly enhance the predicted baryon asymmetry, eliminating the need for tuning, and giving concrete predictions for the LHC and other experiments. Other prospects for detecting the new states of the nuMSM will also be discussed.