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ERC Consolidator Grant to Prof. Silvia Pascoli

ERC Consolidator Grant to Prof. Silvia Pascoli

Our Invisibles colleague Prof. Silvia Pascoli (UDUR) has been awarded the prestigious ERC Consolidator Grant.


Her Grant titled ´NuMass´ has a duration of 60 months, 01/05/2014-30/04/2019.


The NuMass project focuses on new physics at low energy scales, below the one reachable at the LHC. This approach is complementary to the energy frontier in the search for new physics beyond the Standard Model. The underlying idea is that new particles could be hidden not because they are too heavy but because, although light, they interact too weakly with ordinary matter. Neutrinos are by far the least understood of the standard fermions: if new particles are indeed at low scales, below the electroweak one, a likely scenario is that they couple more strongly to neutrinos than to other standard particles, e.g. quarks. The NuMass project will use neutrinos as a portal into new physics and will combine theory, phenomenology and cosmology, from proposing theoretical models to testing their signatures and understanding their cosmological consequences.