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New EU PhD positions/ITN

New EU PhD positions/ITN "Elusives"

The Horizon2020 (H2020) Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network (ITN) “Elusives” (Grant Agreement Negotiations to be finalized in January) is offering PhD positions in Neutrino, Dark Matter and/or BSM physics research, with starting dates around the fall 2016.
Eleven positions are open to application now, in Univ. of Montpellier (CNRS, France), Heidelberg Univ. (Germany), Göttingen Univ. (Germany), Karsruhe Institute of Techonology (Germany), Univ. of Milano-Bicocca (Italy), Univ. Autonoma de Madrid (Spain), Univ. of Barcelona (Spain), Univ. of Valencia/IFIC (Spain), Univ. of Zurich (Switzerland), Univ. of Durham (UK) and Univ. Southampton (UK). Most of the positions are to work on theory/phenomenology, but for a few positions dedicated to experimental physics.
The salary for the contract years corresponding to an Early Stage Researcher (ESR) position consists of the gross Monthly Living Allowance of 3,110 EUR per month multiplied by the EU correction coefficient for the country of recruitment. In addition, a Mobility Allowance of 600 EUR per month will be paid, and also possibly a Family Allowance of 500 EUR per month, depending on the marital status of the recruited fellow. The Monthly Living Allowance is a gross EU contribution to the salary costs of the fellow. Consequently, the net salary results from deducting all compulsory social security contributions as well as direct taxes (e.g. income tax) from the gross amounts. The Mobility and Family Allowances shall be excluded from taxation, where this is in line with national legislation.  Some contracts will be complemented by an extra year from other funds, for which the salary will correspond instead to the typical PhD salary in the country of recruitment.
The first deadline for applications is 15 February 2016. Further application deadlines will be March 30th and May 30th 2016, if positions are still available. All applications should be made through the network web page.
Women and social minorities are strongly encouraged to apply.