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Invisibles meets Visibles (Miradas cruzadas Arte-Ciencia).

Article published in El País on 21 june 2015. Alicia Rivera reports on Invisibles15, particularly outlining synergies between Science and Art. Exploring those connections is the aim of the outreach sessions organised in collaboration with the Thyssen Bornemisza Museum.

June 25, 2015 by milvia

Further reading and documents associated to the event:

• The "Art-Science exchanging gazes” exhibition of paintings, open to the public June 22-Septembre 27 2015:

• The two outreach sessions with presentations by science and art experts and round tables, open to the public (the first one took place yesterday; second one tomorrow Friday):

• The Thyssen digital magazine includes the 51 descriptions by participant scientists of paintings of the museum, with their explanation of the art-science connection they see in them. Enjoy finding out the thoughts of some of your friends and colleagues!! Simply "pass the pages" until you go past those corresponding to the on-going exhibition mentioned above.

New edition (27/10/2015)

• You can also fin d the scientists contributions by alphabetic order of proponents at the link in the Indico site of the conference: