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Paper of the month:  A possible indication of momentum-dependent asymmetric dark matter in the Sun, by Aaron C. Vincent, Pat Scott, and Aldo Serenelli

An article by a former ESR has been featured in several popular science publications, including Physics World.

March 26, 2015 by tiinatimonen

In the article Aaron Vincent, Pat Scott and Aldo Serenelli show that a certain model of asymmetric dark matter can potentially solve a decade-old problem known as the Solar Abundance Problem, which is a mismatch between the theory and observations of the sun.



The figure illustrates 1) the capture of dark matter particles by the sun as it passes through the Milky Way (black arrows) followed by 2) heat conduction by the captured DM particles from the core to the outer layers (yellow).


For press coverage on the article, please go to Physics World.