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Neutrino Masses and Mixing Angles: A Tribute to Guido Altarelli

Date: 27 October 2015 15PM (CET) Title: Neutrino Masses and Mixing Angles: a tribute to Guido Altarelli Presenter: Ferruccio Feruglio (Padova U.) Abstract: I present a personal recollection of Guido Altarelli, focused on his contribution to the problem of neutrino masses and mixing angles. I recap the main ideas in model building, following an historical path, from the discovery of neutrino oscillations in 1998 to the solution of the solar neutrino problem and the measurement of the reactor angle. I illustrate how the subject evolved from the study of neutrino mass textures to the implications of continuous-abelian and discrete-nonabelian flavour symmetries, emphasising the point of view of Guido on the subject. I conclude by commenting the present status of the field.


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